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Watch Certificate at geneva watch co

Geneva Watch Co. offers to certify your watch with Watch Certificate™, a digital duplicate of your timepiece, authenticated by our watchmakers then certified by an independent expert. Insuring your watch collection has never been easier.

The digital passport that authenticates, certifies and insures all watches


Protect your watch to get the most out of it


The Watch Certificate™ standardizes the certification of a watch and certifies its condition and authenticity. To go into detail, it is a digital passport which allows, after expertise, to guarantee that a model is original and compliant. This “gray card” which can be consulted online at any time includes all the characteristics of the watch. Any intervention (maintenance service) approved by a watchmaker certified by Watch Certificate can be added in order to keep the timepiece information up to date. Everything is recorded digitally using the blockchain to secure the history of your watch.

This certificate is also a trusted third party in the event of theft that you can produce to the police, the insurance company, the manufacturer, etc. It indicates the current market value of your watch which can be used as an assessment for insurance. at approved value. The Watch Certificate allows you to benefit from constantly evolving high added value services: specific and unique insurance solutions against breakage and theft at home or theft while worn.

In practice, the Watch Certificate comes in the form of a 28-gram brushed steel card, the size of a credit card and respecting the codes of luxury. Equipped with a QR code, it gives instant access to the entire history of your timepiece.


The Watch Certificate™ is carried out by watchmaking professionals: a GWC watchmaker who physically inspects the watch and an independent expert, assisted by artificial intelligence.

To produce this certificate, a GWC vintage expert and an approved GWC watchmaker will physically check the watch at 53 checkpoints and take high-definition photographs using the “Inspection Box”, a machine that allows the shooting to be standardized. Among these control points we find among others: the serial number, the movement, the bracelet... The conformity of the parts is also scrupulously studied. Original or so-called “service” parts, everything is appraised. The historical or technical context can also be mentioned in order to place the timepiece in its environment.

Then, an independent expert from the Watch Certificate company receives the photos and the report, which will allow him to carry out the expertise. He will thus be able to carry out a careful analysis of the control points provided, supplementing the information if necessary to finally validate the complete expertise of the watch. Watch Certificate experts are independent and carry out their activity mainly for auction houses and/or commercial sites of national and international scale. They participate in the writing of specialized works on watchmaking and may be required to collaborate with the courts in the context of legal expertise.

For any watch collector, the Watch Certificate™ offered by GWC offers a triple guarantee valid over time: that of specialists in GWC collector's watches, that of a GWC watchmaker approved by the biggest brands and that of an expert independent watchmaker.


Watch Certificate™ with its 53 checkpoints goes well beyond the original accessories and adds value to your watch. In addition, Ethereum blockchain technology makes Watch Certificate™ tamper-proof . It is accessible at any time when you scan the card to view it, and you can easily share it with a potential buyer and transfer ownership. Anonymity is preserved throughout the process and the data is encrypted so as not to infringe on your privacy.

In addition, for iPhone and iPad users, Watch Certificate™ offers a Wallet version directly available from the “Cards” application on your device.

This digital duplicate of the timepiece includes:

  • Standardization and traceability of information
  • The 53 checkpoints
  • High definition photos (case, movement, dial, parts and accessories)
  • The double verification signature
  • A renowned, tamper-proof technology based on blockchain

Select the certificate that suits your watch


Watch Certificate™ Steel

for watches worth less than 5,000.- CHF

139.- CHF

Watch Certificate™ Gold

For watches worth 5,000.- CHF to 15,000.- CHF

269.- CHF

Watch Certificate™ Black

For watches worth CHF 15,000 to CHF 50,000

439.- CHF

Watch Certificate™ Red - On quote

For watches worth more than 50,000.- CHF

On demand

Unfalsifiable title deed

Certified market value

Anchored in the blockchain

Recognized by insurance

Optimized resale

Blacklists in case of theft

53 checkpoints

Assistance in case of theft

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